Eldar and Dark Eldar shenanigans.

So my Dirty Eldar buddy George and myself teamed up to take on the latest challengers at a 1000 pt-per-player Team Event this weekend. How did it go? Well, we won... Again... Eldar Walkers are a pain for people who don't know how to deal with them... But we'll get to that. First, the lists:

The format was a Split Force Org Chart, 1 HQ 1 Elite 1-3 Troop 1 Fast 1 Heavy per side, with the remaining 1 in each slot acting as a "floater" between the armies (example: I have 1 elite, partner has 2, I have 2 heavies, partner has 1).

Mr. Black's Kabal of the Slashed Eye

The Baron

Kalabite Trueborn (x7) (2x Splinter Cannon, 5x Shardcarbines, Raider w/ Flickerfield)

Wyches (x7, Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield)
Wyches (x7, Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield)
Hellions (x14, Helliarch w/ Agonizer)



George's Cinco-de-Kickass Eldar


Fire Dragon Squad (x5, Wave Serpent w/ Spirit Stones and TL Shuriken Cannon)
Fire Dragon Squad (x5, Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon)

Dire Avengers (x5)

War Walker Squad (x3, Scatter Lasers x2)
War Walker Squad (x3, Scatter Lasers x2)


First Round: Blood Angels+Black Templar

Memorable Moments:
-First Turn: Emperor's Champion unit failing moral test from casualties and running off the table... Ouch...
-Wyches engaging Black Templar "Tactical" Squad, combat ends in stalemate... Next round a Marshal and reinforcements arrive and charge Wyches, who promptly died under the weight of fire.
-Blood Angels heroically landing just where they needed to... in the exact middle of two squads of Wyches and a Raider.

Issue I think the Opponent's Had: Bad Luck did not help them here, at all, and losing that Emperor's Champion unit first turn was a bad blow. Otherwise I believe the lack of Vehicles on their end may have played a part in their downfall. With the Blood Angels it was understandable, but the Templars were a full foot-slogging force, and in the end War Walkers plus the general speed of our two armies would have caused them great pains.

Round 2: Flesh Tearers and Eldar

Memorable Moments:
-Flesh Tearers Rhino going Flat Out, rolling a 1 on Dangerous Terrain and everyone promptly coming down with a bad case of death.
-My "Oh Hell..." moment in realizing that the Eldar entire strategy was Tank Shocking my units with Flat Out moves and Star Engines.
-The general balls-out insanity of the Eldar player, who simply wanted to cause as much chaos as he could.

Issue I think the Opponent's Had: The scenario we were playing pitted Attacker against Defender, and our army functioned much better on the Defense. Once again we wont this roll (thanks Baron!) so we set up around our base to War Walker the hell out of anything coming close. Basically this was a game of hold back and shoot them as they came... Until the Eldar appeared in the dead center of our lines from Star Engines... Then it became a game of KILL THE ELDAR! Luckily we held back the Assault Marines, who I don't think actually ever saw combat... The main issues I see here was the scenario was against them, the bad rolls on Dangerous for the Flesh Tearers player hurt, and unfortunately the Eldar player didnt have much going for him aside from his Tank Shock strategy.

Here I think it was an issue of list building, but given that the two didn't know they would be entering till the night before, it's alight. I will speak more on this later.

Round 3: Orks and Dark Eldar

I was worried moving into this fight... Two Battlewagons, Kustom ForceField, Nobz... All backed up by four raiders with Kalabite Warriors and Haemonculi... Dawn of War, we went first, they deployed nothing. Not looking good. They moved on, got some shots off, their Voidraven shooting it's full loadout at my Hellions, forcing them to go to ground for a 2+ cover save. Luckily we made it through without many casualties... Then Lady Luck came up and kicked the orks square in the beanbag.

First thing first, gun down those Lootas. If there is one thing we've learned from all our Team Tournaments it's that WE HATE LOOTAS!  Moving on!

Battlewagon opened up by Fire Dragons, Nobz hit and three killed by mass Dark Lance shots... We remember he needs to roll for pinning check. Fail. Bosspole. Fail. Ok... 25% casualties, roll. Fail. Bosspole... Fail... Runs eight inches back off the table edge.

At this point the enemies moral was destroyed, and their main offensive force crippled. Yes, he had twenty Ork Boys as well, but he went on to Tank Shock the Fire Dragons in an attempt to nail them and the Wave Serpent Behind them... DEATH OR GLORY! Boom! Battle Wagon gone with only two casualties from the Deathrolla!

And I could go on, but really, as I said it just goes downhill... Lady Luck was on our side this day, and she cursed the Orks and Dark Eldar we were playing against, pure and simple. Great guys, great players, but nothing went in their favor during our game.

And so the day ended, three games, three Massacres, max bonus points. I really cannot stress enough how much luck favored us today...

...You know, I used to listen to the Dos Equix man when he said "Never trust a woman who is only around when you are winning" but... Hell, I think she has a crush on me...

Mr. Black, out.