Today, I'm going to look at some of the Black Templar's more interesting and unique army-wide rules.

To start with, the most obvious are the vows of the Emperor's Champion.

Suffer not the Unclean to live: Basically, every Black Templar, including Dreadnoughts (but not neophytes) gets +1 Strenght and -1 Initiative. And this doesn't combine with Furious Charge. So really, it is Furious Charge, but with a negative Initiave bonus. In today's faster wins game, not such a good idea.

Uphold the Honour of the Emperor: You can't use cover saves, but everything is immune to pinning, and has a 6+ Invulnerable Save. Honestly, I'd be able to be pinned and have my cover saves. Another not so good deal.

Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch: This is basically a D6" scout move that everyone must make towards the nearest visible enemy unit if the enemy has a psyker. And everyone gets a 5+ Invulnerable against all Psychic powers (including things like Jaws of the World Wolf!). Honestly, I can see this one making a comeback over the usually taken Accept Any Challenge vow.

Accept Any Challenge, No Matter The Odds: If you can charge the enemy, you have to, and everyone but Neophytes gets Preferred Enemy towards whatever you are facing! The having to charge is easily averted, so this is almost like having a free Preferred Enemy for your army. Kinda obvious why this is the most common one taken.

Now, on to the Black Templar Special Rules.

Righteous Zeal: Whenever a Black Templar unit takes a casualty, it must take a morale test. If they pass, they move D6" towards the nearest enemy. If they fail, they fall back as normal. This rule can be a difficult one to learn to use properly, but once mastered, you have can a freakily fast Black Templar army.

Abhor the Witch: Simple. The Black Templar cannot ally with anyone using psykers, except the Grey Knights.

Kill Them All: Black Templar Infantry, Jump Infantry, and bikes must pass a Leadership test at -1 to their leadership to not shoot the nearest enemy unit. This rule, honestly, is probably why the Black Templar require more finesse than other space marine armies. You have to be very good at positioning to be able to get this right, and I'm sure it is a reason for lost games.

No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!: This rule is really straightforward. All black Templar are Fearless in Close Combat.

These rules are what make the Black Templar unique from other space marine chapters. These rules are also what currently make the Black Templars harder to master than other chapters. Yet, when mastered, these rules can allow you to have an utterly devastating army!

Next up, a review of Black Templar HQs!