Starting a new segment inspired by Unseen Lerker's "Arena of Death Article".  I'll be matching up Independent Characters (no special characters) in a winner takes all cage match.

Basic Rules:
Unlimited Points
No Monstrous Creatures or Vehicles 
No Special Characters
Cannot be mounted on bikes 
Has to be a legal character from a GW Codex

First up, we have The Prince of Pain Zhai Mor:

Archon with
Ghostplate, Comabat Drugs, Agoniser, Shadow Field and Splinter Pistol
'Come at me bro"


Blood Angels Epistolary with Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Force Weapon and the Sanguine Sword and Unleash Rage psychic powers.
Imagine he's a Blood Angel and has a Storm Shield.

The battle begins!

The Archon goes first with I7, so for counting turns he receives the first turn.

Turn 1, round one!
Archon rolls a '5' for combat drugs, so +1 attacks. The Epistolary passes both Psychic tests, however the Archon goes first.

In a flurry of kicks, stabs and point blank range shots to the face, Archon Zhai Mor lands 4 hits, and cause 4 wounds, but Librarian in Terminator Armor blocks all but one with his Storm Shield.

Striking back, the Librarian lands a single monstrous blow on Zhai Mor, the force of the warp-infused blow being absorbed be the Archon's shadow field!

Turn 1, round two!

The Epistolary uses his potent psychic abilities, passing the test for both Unleash Rage and the Sanguine Sword.

With super-human speed and swordsmanship honed over centuries, Archon Zhai Mor lands 5 hits, causing 3 wounds. The Epistolary cannot block them all and a single blow pierces his mighty armor and by-passes the Storm Shield's force field, killing the Epistolary in a surge of nerve-burning brain,frying-pain.

New challenger! A Sisters of Battle Canoness.

Next match up:

the Prince of Pain Zhai Mor:

Archon with
Ghostplate, Comabat Drugs, Agoniser, Shadow Field and Splinter Pistol
'Come at me again, bro."

Canoness Ryan

Canoness with
Eviscerator, Mantle of Ophelia, Cloak of St. Aspira, Rosarius and Litanies of Faith.
For the Emperor!
Roll for drugs gives the Archon Painbringer, so re-rolls To Wound.

Turn One, round 1

The Canoness uses her Litanies of Faith for a free Act of Faith (Spirit of the Martyr), passing it and giving her a 2++ save for the current assault phase. Archon Mor unleashes a murderous hurricane of blows, landing 4 hits and causing 3 wounds, but the Sister's faith shields her from two of the blows. The Canoness is down to two wounds.

The canoness strikes back with her massive chain sword, slashing the roaring teeth against the Archon, causing a single wound that is absorbed by the Archon's  shadow field.

Turn One, round 2

Spending a Faith Point, the Canoness casts Spirit of the Martyr again, giving her a 2++ for another phase. Zhai Mor launches a string of sword swipes, scoring 3 hits and 3 wounds. The canoness saves all but one, now she's down two a single wound.

The Canoness, brings her Eviscerator to the fore and lands 3 hits and causing 3 wounds. The Archon fails his shadow field save and is torn to shreds.

Canoness Ryan wins!