I miss you already ;..(
Today marked the first time in a long time that I played a 2000pt Blood Angel list minus my big man, my Great Bambino, The Sanguinor. Ol' Sangy is an amazing piece of work. He truly is a unit that supports, protects, and makes the rest of your army better. He is a great deathstar slayer, and makes IC's shake in their boots. He is a beautiful model, and a fountain of wrath, and he is currently sitting on my shelf, as opposed to on the table. 

It was a hard decision, but I think it is for the best interest of myself and my list's competitiveness. Although I typically ran 4 troops, only two of them scored. I felt like I was always fighting with an arm tied behind my back. So I dropped the Sanguinor, freeing up enough points to put in another RAS. One would not think this to be such a game changer, but in today's games versus Wolves, the flexibility, durability, and extra boots on the ground were immediately noticeable. my list today - 

---Sang. Sword, Shield Of Sang, Jump Pack\

Sang. Priest
---JP, PW

Furioso Dread
---Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer

---Melta Bombs
Death Co.
---3x BP/CCW, 3x BP/PW, 1x BP/PF
Death Co. Dread
---Blood Talons

3x RAS
---7x BP/CCW,  Flamer, Melta, Fisty Sarge

2x Predators
---AC, LC sponsons


I ran Libby, Priest, and 3x RAS together in a pack, giving all 3 Furious Charge and a 5+ cover save, and it worked out well. I was most of all surprised at how much more versatile and flexible I became, and the big RAS blob was vicious and self supporting. The Frag Dread was awesome, as always, and the DC, Dread, Chappie, and Stormraven were once again my favorite combo in the game. I will miss ol's Sanguinor, but I just couldn't keep him AND the DC in the same list, so I had to choose. 

Dear God not THAT one!!!
It was too many points in deathstars/hq's, and I needed more scoring units. One idea I have toyed around with is taking out the chappie and running Ol' Lemmiwinks with the DC, giving them some more killing power as I am losing Sanguinor and dropped them to 7. I will prolly playtest him and see how he does. Anyway, enough ramblings for now, y'all take it easy!

Have y'all ever had a unit you loved but just wasn't working in your particular list? Tell us about it!