So admittedly, I haven't posted in a long, long time.  Unfortunately, I was dealing with some RW issues, mostly home problems, but also an impending middle school graduation.  And today, at 3:45 in the morning, while I wait for a video project of mine to finish rendering, with the entire house asleep, I find the time to type this out.  SO in the past 1.5 months, a lot has happened.  Allow me to sum it up-

  • I stepped down from my club that I started-As I said, things were really busy, and sadly, I have to abandon my pride and joy.  However...
  • I was able to show my art teacher (Mr. St. Amant, AKA the teacher who runs my club) how to paint models, and the truth is, he's better than me.  Pics in the near future.
  • I got one game in- my first game in months.  And I got thrashed.  Batrep in the near future.
  • I became addicted to this game called Mousehunt.  I suppose I really like this because of two important reasons: 1)  It's passive and doesn't require active attention as much as 40k and 2)  Have you seen the frickin awesome artwork in that game?  It makes me want to convert some Skaven after these fellows- The Zombie MouseBionic Mouse, and the Mutated White Mouse.
  • I built a light box for my models, but I'm still working on the light part (I just need the right bulbs).

Well, all I can do now is cross my fingers really tight and hope that all of you haven't abandoned my blog yet.