Or how I found new game systems.

In a rather sudden move, GW has locked down it's regions and is preventing independent retailers from selling GW products outside of their regions.  What does this mean for me?  Well GW Australian RRP is currently running at almost 100% markup vs the UK or US RRP's.  Why is this so? Well GW hasn't bothered to pay any attention to Australia and NZ, and kept on hiking up our prices along with everyone elses despite our stronger dollar.  This was okay since we just went and bought our goods overseas for a reasonable price.  This avenue is now closed to us, so I either have to stuff around with mail forwarders, or stop buying from GW.  I'm leaning toward the later as I just can't be f#@ked dealing with GW's crap anymore.

My gut reaction is to start selling off some of my armies to fund purchases into new gaming systems, so what should I invest in?  I'm looking for something to replace my current Warhammer 40k addiction so it will need to be a bit bigger than your average skirmish game.  Any suggestions?