Here are the long promised pics of my forces from my recent game vs Necrons. It does give some idea of the army and how I've gone about painting it. Still a lot of topping and tailing to do, but they are a joy to play on the battlefield - and if anything last nights game vs the dark eldar shows they appreciate being painted!

On high, with all the buildings on the battlefield, a combat squad watches and lines up their lascannon.

Terminator Assault Squad "Pious" marching towards the Necrons, serving as a distraction for the rest of the army to advance. Despite aiding the Command Squad in taking out the Necron Lord, the remaining terminators fell to mere warriors in the end...

Captain Damocles leads his command squad on foot after their Razorback was wrecked at the start of the battle. After decisively dealing with the Necron Lord and a unit of Necron Warriors, the Command Squad fell to massive weight of fire. Alone Captain Damocles proved to be more than an easy target as the Necrons failed to defeat him either with Gauss weapons or in combat.