So GW's raising prices again....Same old, same old, right?  Everyone complains, then resumes buying stuff, just not as much, right?  There's a small group of people who quit and switch to WarmaHordes or something, but overall, GW gets an increase in profits, or at least temporarily until next summer where their profits drop and they do it all over again, right?  Of course, this year is different, but still, it's pretty much the same, with the exception that the world is a lot angrier...

So what can I do that apparently hasn't been done at this point?  I can't think of anything, can you?  There's a Facebook group about it, people are leaving the hobby, and we've even EECB'd them (Executive Email Carpet Bombing, where many people send emails to the top execs of a company to demand change, refunds, or the like.) and got back a response that actually made sense.  So what will I do?

1)  Probably EECB GW execs (not now though, too busy)
2)  Switch all purchases to either Pegasus Hobbies, trading posts, or Ebay
3)  Start a Classic Battletech army (I've been interested since last year at this convention...More on that in the future)

Impact:  Close to zero.

Quite frankly, I'm starting not to care about GW that much anymore.  Also, I'm going to try to get that batrep up Sunday.