The legend of Lisuia.

Brutal storms have wracked the seas and coasts of the North-western Empire for weeks but now as they subside the sight they reveal is hardly less earth-shaking. A previously unknown island has emerged from beneath the waves, smoothly dubbed Lisuia by an enterprising Imperial Scholar turmoil has quickly followed the appearance, though if anyone understands the origin of the new land then they are keeping their counsel. Nevertheless within a week sailors all over the lands are claiming to have visited Lisuia telling tales of wonder. Expeditions are forming, drawn by promises of glory, wealth and power. Some more knowledgeable heads even whisper of darker reasons to conquer the island, for who knows what secrets may be buried from the past or what great power allowed the land itself to rise.

Welcome then to the first joint campaign between Hulls Angels and Vague, the rules are as follows. (Apologies for the wall of text - the map will break it up a bit)

The first round is 500 points and the restrictions on army composition are that no monsters, Lords or large uniques such as the Doomwheel may be chosen. Armies must include at least one Hero and one Core unit, any model may be declared the Army General and the percentage system is waived.

The correct percentages will be used from 1000pts upward, in total you will be going up to 3000pts at 500 point intervals each month.

You can change your army list freely at each new round of the Battle campaign, as long as all models are painted to the Tales standards.

All models must have 3 colours minimum to classify as painted.

Rounds will last a fortnight, as each round in the Tale of Many Painters is a month long that means there will be two turns at each points value.

Each Faction will have a designated Home city where they first arrive on the island, this territory may not be attacked by anyone until armies have reached 2K points in size as no commander is foolish enough not to leave a significant amount of troops to guard their only supply line.

Most of the map will be concealed initially as it has not yet been explored, there may very well be more unusual locales still concealed deeper inside Lisuia.

Terrain deployed on the table will be based on the area of the map the battle is fought within – i.e. plains will be mostly flat and open, forests will have extra trees etc.

Terrain will use the Mysterious Terrain rules only on the roll of a 1 per piece unless defined otherwise by the GM.

Players may challenge any other player, should they win then they can take a currently unoccupied node or node of that opponent. The Node you claim must be adjacent to an already occupied node of yours, nodes cannot be used to attack from during the turn they are captured.

No Special Characters are allowed, this includes unit champions such as the Changeling

Finally the most vital rule - Have fun!

This thread is to be used only for people signing up or for me or Jo to post results, the existing thread can be used for other discussion, including any questions or concerns you have with the rules.

Can people state whether they want to join the full campaign, just the battles or just the painting and which army they intend to use, once I have a good idea how many people are involved then I can put up a map.

Current List
Faileas - Unknown Army
Shane - Warriors of Chaos
Csjarret - Unknown Army
Nethrag - Unknown Army
Rocco - Dark Elves
Gonzo - Daemons
Sandinista - Unknown Army
James - Dwarfs
Dan - Tomb Kings
Other Dan - Warriors of Chaos

First 500 points must be ready by the 21st of July, good luck.