So sometime in April, I decided to play my first real game of 40k since the world record battle in January.  I ended up playing against this guy, whose name I don't remember (was it Steve?  Josh?  I have no clue)

He was running (mostly) horde Orks while I ran Space Marines.  My marine list was originally for playing against a Necron player who flaked on the last minute, so here's the kicker:  I HAD NO FLAMERS.  Anyhow, we agreed on a normal 12" deployment with one objective each (I think it's the seize ground mission).  I won the roll and decided to go first and deploy first.  I deployed as follows:
On my left flank was a Land Raider Crusader, 1 Dreadnought, my Captain/Command Squad, and an Assault Marine Squad

My right was covered by Terminators and a Tactical Squad.  The Imperial Fist was my objective.

My scouts infiltrated into a building relatively close to the center of the table

I also had a combat squad in a Razorback in reserve.

His deployment was as follows:
On my left was his objective and a 30 man mob of boyz led by a Nob with a Powerklaw.  On my right flank was another 30 man mob along with a Warboss/Nobz in a Battlewagon.  In the center was a squad of Lootas and an empty Trukk used as a point filler.

Turn One-I move up my left flank (the Rhino is terrain).  The command unit is now in the LR.  The snipers shoot at the Lootas, but only cause one casualty.  I forget about them in later turns, proving how good my camo scheme was when I painted them.

His Orks moved up on my right flank, while the ones on the left flank stay put.  The filler point Trukk also moved up.  Loota fire kills a Scout, while Ork shooting (non-template) kills several marines.
Here's the best part though-two of my Terminators died while I was only rolling five armor saves!  I just love my dice!

Turn Two-I move my left flank up, while my reserves arrive to bolster the objective.  The Terminators move up and prepare to fight the Battlewagon Orks.

.The Battlewagon Orks disembark and proceed to butcher the rest of the Terminators.
Meanwhile, the rest of the horde continues to walk up to my Marines.

One Ork Rokkit is able to not only hit, but wreck my Dreadnought.  The Ork Trukk attempts to move up, but is immobilized (I think).

Turn Three-The Assault Marines jump into the Ork horde, and are able to live for now.
The Land Raider becomes immobilized, and the Command Squad jumps out.

The Nobz are at my lines, with the 30 man horde close behind.  I prepare to lose epically.

The Razorback squad had disembarked for a while, and were preparing to be killed by the Nobz.  At this point, I forfeit.

The left is my dead pile, while the right is Josh's (or Steve's).

And here's some pictures of my poor rolling!

If you can't see it, it's three twos and one 'one' on four dice.  That was a Tactical Squad armor save roll.

Later, we played another game, which ended like this.  The Sarge deserves a promotion, he just killed one Kan and caused damage to the other two before being stomped to death.

Anyhow, that's the batrep, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take out the trash.