With my Marines effectively finished, barring minor highlighting here and there, it is time to move onto my next Project which will be the Dark Eldar.

Why Dark Eldar? Well I have to confess it is an army that as of the previous version I had no interest in. At least for me they weren't really well developed, nor were the models that attractive. But the new range of models are beautiful for starters and the Codex... well in my opinion it is the single best Codex of 5th edition right up there with the Vanilla Marine 'dex (note "best" rather than "most powerful").

The units are very well thought out (except perhaps the Mandrakes ;)) and on top of that they are quite balanced. In fact the army in general from its special rules to its characters to its playstyle all screams balance. True, that means to a degree they may well be at a disadvantage against the stronger Codexii out there, but the army is flavourful, dynamic, attractive and most importantly - different to Vanilla Marines.

The chap in the pic above is Urien Rakarth and I am thinking to build a Coven list around him. Luckily, that doesn't exclude the use of non-coven units (in the codex it says Haemonculi love showing off their creations to Kabalites and Wych Cults) which means I get to include other Dark Eldar units I like!

At least to start with my initial thinking is Urien to lead, with him dispensing some pain tokens (hopefully 2+) to two Wrack units in Raiders. I definitely want to use kabalites of some form along with wyches and grotesques - along with the more expected Ravagers. If I can fit one in, a Cronos Parasite engine would be great.

The goal - well, judging by GW's aim to shift the base points of a game (at least at Throne of Skulls) to 1750, that is the army size I'll aim for. I have Army Builder ready, already have a ton of models to start gluing, and just need to get going on it.

As a side note I've also sorted a camera with which to take photos! So I'll grab every stage of the process in glorious... erm... photo... erm... glory!?