This is the round 3 battle report, as I can't find the list for Second Round (I will get to it eventually though, trust me.)

The Howling Gale
HQ:Asdrubael Vect, 240

Haemunculi with Crucible of Malediction, 70


4x Trueborn with Blasters, 108
venom with additional splinter cannon, 65

5x Incubi, 110

Raider with Flickerfield and Disintegrator, 70.

TROOPS:2x Units of 10 Warriors Each, blaster and splinter cannon, on raiders, with Dark Lances and Flickrfields, splinter racks and shock prows 400

15x Kabalite Warriors, with one dark lance 

10x Wyches,Hekatrix, 110
Raider with disintergrator, flickerfield,70


6x Reavers, two Heat Lances. 156 Points 

3x Reavers, Heat Lance, 78


Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow,120

Ravager, flickrfield, shock prow,120
Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow, Dissies, 120


Grey Knights

Grey Knights Grand Master
Frag n Krak nades, Psyk-out nades, Iron Halo, Terminator Armor, Blind Grenades, Digital Weapons, Empyrean Brain Mines, Melta Bombs, Pyschotroke nades, Rade nades, Master Crafter Nemesis weapons, master crafted ranged wepaons, 3x Servo Skulss JESUS CHRIST THERES MORE, MC Psycannon, MC Force Halberd. Psychic Powers: The Aegis, Hammerhand, Psychic Communion. 340 

Digital Weapons, Empyrean Brain Mines, Psyk-Out nades, Frag n Krak nades, Psychic Hood, Terminator Armor, Blind Grenades, Psybolt Ammunition, Teleport Homer, Master crafted Nemesis Weapons, Master-Crafted Storm Bolter, Servo Skulls (3x) Master Crafted Nemesis Falchions. Powers: The Aegis, Hammerhand, Might of Titan, Quicksilver, the Summoning, Warp Rift  295

Grey Knight Strike Squad (5x), Justicar with Master-crafted Storm Bolter, Master crafted Warding Stave, Knight with Psycannon, 3 Knights with Nemesis Falchions  195

Grey Knight Strike Squad (5x). Justicar with Master-crafted Storm Bolter, Master crafted Warding Stave, Knight with Psycannon, 3 Knights with Nemesis Falchions  195

Paladin Squad, with Apothecary (MC Nemesis Force Halberd), 2 Paladins with Master crafted psycannons, Paladin with Brotherhood banner. 485

Venerable Dreadnought, Smoke Launchers, Extra Armor, Psybolt ammunition, Psyflame Ammunition, Warp Stabilization Field, Nemesis Doomfist with Heavvy Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Twin Linker autocannon. 225

Stormraven Gunship, Ceramite Plating, Extra Armor, Teleport Homer, 4x Mindstrike Missiles, Twin linked assault cannon, twin linked Multi-melta, Hurricane Bolters 265

The Grey Knights player (Leonard) won the roll off and deployed (standard pitched battle, 4 objectives). He deployed one Strike Squad inside the Stormraven along with the Dreadnought, one strike squad deployed on left field behind cover, the Paladins, Librarian and Grand Master all deployed behind the ruins of the building in the above picture. 

The objectives where placed in the four corners of the map

I deployed my footslooging squad into the Fortress of Redemption, then a Ravager and Dissie Ravager next to each other in cover, Vect's transport behind a ruin, Reavers where place don the left side of the field, both mounted Kabalite squads where placed on the right, the wyches on the left and the trueborn squad in their venom in the middle. 

I seize initiative. 

Drug roll gives me Hypex.

Turn One (DE)

Wyches and a squad of Warriors Flat Out up left field, Wyches stop behind cover, the Warrior's Raider is out in the open.  Reavers all Turbo boost like a tidal wave of drug crazed bikers. Vect's Raider Flat Outs! far right, landing behind a rock about 20 inches away from the paladin squad. The Remaining Warrior Squad and Trueborn zip down center-field. 

One Dark Lance Ravager targets the Stormraven, blowing it up, and a the second DL ravager immobilizes the Dreadnought. 

Turn One (GK) 

Everyone stays put, the Dreadnought blows up a DL Ravager, killing two of the foot kabalites in the explosion. The Paladins shoot and kill 4 reavers, while a Strike Squad blows up the far left Kabalite Raider.  

Turn Two (DE) 
A reaver squad flies over a Strike Squad, killing one. Wyches hop out of their raider, and run. The far left kabalite squad begins hoofing it back to my table edge, as the second mounted Warrior squad and Trueborn park in front of the Paladins behind cover. Vect stays where he is to act as a fire magnet. The wyches assault, killing one Grey Knight.
Sniper checking things out 

Turn Two (GK) 
The not tied up Strike Squad opens fire and kills 3 reavers. The Paladin's shoot down the remaining Warrior squad's raider, none are pinned, and I place the warriors so that they receive cover from its wreckage. The Dreadnought casts Fortitude and immobilizes a Dark Lance ravager. 

Turn Three(DE)
Vect's raider flies around some more, to try and draw fire the following turn. The now empty wyches' raider flies over to the downed Warriors, and the embark. The Remaining Reavers blow up the Dreandought with the last remaining Heat Lance, the Dissie Ravager wipes out the not in CC strike squad, while the Wyches fight the remaining Strike Squad to a standstill.

Turn Three (GK)
Really short turn, the Paladins shoot down Vect's raider and 2 Incubi die, and the Strike Squad is killed by the wyches, who consolidate into the objective.

Turn Four (DE)
The now mounted Kabalite Warriors zoom back to the bottom right objective, giving me three out of four.

Turn Four (GK)
Paladins blow up the Venom and kill all the trueborn.

This is effectively the end of the game, there's two more turns where nothing really happens. The paladins move into the open to try and reach the wyches, but can't. 

Game ends with me in control of 3 objectives, while the Grey Knights where down to some paladins, and had no objectives.