Another round cage fight, this time a grudge match between the True and Dark Kin.

In the spirit of sportsmanship, I took a succubus, so no 2++ saves this time.

The Belligerents:
Succubus with agonizer, combat drugs.
Get some!

Autarch with Banshee Mask and Scorpion Chainsword

Round 1!
Drug Roll=Adrenalight, Succubus gets +1 Attack
Thanks to the howling psychic blast from the banshee mask, the Autarch goes first, launching into a complex  series of ritualized swords swipes and stabs, and would cause a wound, but the Succubus flips out of the way.
The Succubus unleashes a flurry blows, landing 4 hits and causing one wound, which is deflected by the Autarch's force field.
Round 2!
No longer impaired by the banshee's piercing shriek, the Succubus goes first, landing 4 hits and causing one wound, which the Autarch's force field fails to block.
With a deft twist of his blade, the Autarch slashes the Succubus, but only cause a light scratch, no wound.
Round 3!
More attacks from the succubus, inflicting a single wound  with the pain-educing electro-barbs of the Agonizer. The Autarch ripostes, slashing the Succubus across the chest.
Round 4!
Apparently affected by her injury, the Succubus lands only a single hit on the Autarch, which is absorbed by his force field. Stepping back before lunging for the Succubus's throat, the Autarch fails to hit the wych even once.
Round 5!
With a spinning leap into the air,the Succubus lashes the Autarch 4 times, and each blow is blocked by the shimmering energy shield surrounding him. Tripping the wych with a swift kick, the Autarch stabs his Chainsword deep into the Succubus's chest, slashing downward and cutting her in half!

The Autarch wins!