Not the hobby progress that I was hoping to report but still something I'm quite proud off(and this archievement will free up some time for GD stuff). Remember the post "the other hobby".
Well I can proudly announce that as from last night 23:00 I finished the room that I completley stripped and rejuvenated since the end of February.
I took some snapshots this morning.

And here I hope to deliver some mini-masterworks ;-)
On a side note, my hobby efforts haven't been reduced to 0. I've been able to make some progress, but yesterday during the moving in of my stuff I realised once again that I need to start finishing things. I have like 10.000 projects in different stages of progress. At least 4 of these projects I should get finished before the 7th of August. Let's hope that that incentive is strong enough....because I have another mini-exchange coming up and a Forge world army to paint for a friend....What am I getting myself into :-P