2nd Edition, remembered fondly by many. Ah the good old days. When we had more hair and a disposable income worthy of note. Enough of that gooey stuff, Ive a bit of a collection of guys from around that time and find myself wanting to include them in the army, despite the differences in scale with marines form that time. Here is a glimpse at some of them, hopefully it will give you ideas how to use your old miniatures too!

Grey Knights Librarian. Painted this guy to sell him on Ebay. Quite proud of the work on his shoulder pad.

Deathwatch Apothecary, for when I use my Deathwatch as a command squad.

Centurius, awesome 100th Store opening figure, I bought this bad boy new myself. Now my Legion of the Damned Sergeant. I use his skull thing as a power weapon.

Wolf Scout Sergeant from my old old Space Wolves army, an awesome model. I use him as Sergeant Telion to do this old model some justice.

Old 2nd Ed scouts, think you can still buy these form GW.

Old solid metal Dreaddy with a few additions, donated by a friend. Stripped, re glued and repainted.

Ooo, first glimpse of my Fleshtearers, this is a mix from my two assault squads of all the old metal minis.

And a classic old Tactical Sergeant. I figured this distinguished mini needed a suitable role in my army so he will be my Sternguard Sergeant. Which leads me nicely on to my next post.