So I have arranged for a big game this weekend.  Against a guy who I have played a few times.  He has Ork, IG and Deathwing armies all available to him.

Now the question to you all is what should I bring?  3k Eldar mixed list?  Pure GK fun?

What i am thinking is something like-

Grandmaster w/ psycannon & skulls (might try mordrak/draigo, or a orbital bombardment set-up instead)
Libby w/ hammer & 4 powers

10x blob of termies w thrawn and all fixing
2 5x blobs of GKSS

6 assault paladins inc apothecary w/ incinerators
2 10x purifiers

2 dual autcannon dreads w psybolts
land raider

interceptors as points allow
(I'd do a Storm raven if I had one  ...hehehe...  soon...)

Compared to the 10 tank hulls and 3 huge 'toons of IG that he fielded last time we did this, my army was small.   But I still won last time as he bottled himself on deployment, due to excessive bubble wrap.

 his Orks I have yet to face, but his Deathwing army was whittled down by fire and maneuver.  I was able to stay out of reach in that game due mostly to a large LOS blocking piece of terrain in the center that we orbited during the game.

Anyways look for pics nd battle report on Monday....probably.