Hmmm... karma bites some days.

So the LGS I was griping about prior to this post is fixing their screw  This makes me happy that the owner is doing the right thing.

BUT!  And its a huge one, he will be closing his doors very soon.  He cannot support the store with his customer base disappearing.  This is a common problem in my area as the largest population of people with semi-disposable income is military folk.  We military folk move around a bit and often wander off into the desert for periods of time longer than a month or twelve.  This can be really hard on local small businesses that rely on our money.  If we aren't there to spend they can't pay the rent.

So I am now heading toward a new LGS (new to me) that hosts a much better space and more solid community of gamers.  I know this as this as I have been there a few times (like a cheating lover).  One problem, its 45min to an hour away.  Which means that I will be reducing my game days to every other weekend for the most part.

So Karma from griping about a shop comes back to bite me.  Cest la vie.  I doubt any of my 4 regular visitor/readers are in the swamp with me but...meh.