Well, today has been quite successful. Thanks to my buddy Shane at Dicehead Games and Comics, i was able to sell off all my fantasy stuff, and walked out of his store today with - 

Carnifex Kit - Tervigon conversion
Hormagant box

Space Wolves Grey Hunter Box
Devastator Box
Canis Wolfborn - on order - Finecast
Logan Grimnar - On Order - Finecast
5 bricks of Chessex Dice


So, needless to say, I have plenty to work with. I am currently tryin to get my Blood Angels completely painted for a tournament next weekend, somethin that should have been done a long time ago. I had a thought to paint up one of my Assault squads as a successor chapter, then make both of my other RAS from different companies, just to give the army some flavor. We will see, however.

What I plan on runnin next week

---Jump Pack, Shield of Sang., Sang. Sword
Sang. Guard
---Jump Pack
3x10 RAS
---Melta, Flamer, Fisty Sarge

Furioso Dread
---Frag Cannon, HF, Drop Pod

3x7 Death Co.
3x bp/ccw, 3x bp/pw, 1x PF
DC Dread
---Blood Talons
---Multi Melta, Ass. Cannon, Extra Armor

---Lascannon, Cyc. ML, EA

Wantin to try out Lemmiwinks, as he can be such a beast, as well as I7 on the charge, and getting to reroll the hits and wounds. I have been wanting to try the 2 Raven list, as the mobility and the firepower can be devastating. I don't know whether or not to drop the jp's off of a RAS and stick them in there, making it a mobile scoring unit, that remains to be seen. 

Well thats all for now, hopefully once things get settled, I will get back into playin some games and start makin posts with a lil more substance, till then peace out!