Despite going down the route of my wants in my Dark Eldar force, I am forced to admit incorporating the bits I want and making a cohesive force is difficult. So I went back to the drawing board and looked again at my likes, wants & must haves to see if I could rework the 1750 point list into something I would like to build.

As much as I wanted Urien and/or Haemonculi in the force, I just couldn't bring them in and make them work to my satisfaction. So I needed to pull back and look at the force as a whole and build it up and see where it took me.

After compiling my new list I was left looking at an HQ... I could have pretty much anything with the basic archon and succubus easily the most affordable. The Duke would also have been a decent fit, although not enough Wych units would have limited some of his buffs. So I looked to someone different, someone who I thought might inspire me to create/convert a model to represent her... Lelith came to mind.

Now I like the Lelith model, but if I am going to make an effort with this Dark Eldar army, I want my HQ to stand out as something a little different. Now the old Lelith model is also out as it is, frankly, scary. On my travels on the interwebz last night I found a very acrobatic looking miniature (and no, not a GW one, sorry GW) that looks good and has a fantastic pose.

Now I was instantly drawn to this model for several reasons. Firstly, my daughters name is Erica (which is a good start) and secondly the pose looks awesome. I figured it would give Lelith a very acrobatic pose. When I say Lelith, I really mean my counts as Lelith.

The model for me also reminded me of something else, a character from Soul Calibur (3 to be precise) called Tira who was a very acrobatic character using a rather cool looking erm... bladed... hoop (for want of a better term!).

Now the Erica model will need a lot of work doing on it, so my greenstuff-fu skills will certainly be tested. She will need to be heavily dark elder'd to make her fit in with the army. She would also need to be given a weapon that I could convincingly argue allowed her to counts as Lelith.

 Of the two looks for Tira (from SC3), I am leaning more towards the yellow/purple than the green purple.

I want to try and come up with a backstory of her being a Gladiator who was betrayed by an Archon and sought revenge. She then assumed control of his organisation and created a more piratical force in the aftermath.

Of course, model-wise it seems likely I can swap like for like (legs from the Erika Craby model for legs from a succubus etc.) although I won't know for sure until they arrive. I also then need to come up with a way to do the bladed hoop weapon for her which I figure will be a challenge. But either way it should create a characterful HQ for my army. As I get the bits and start working on her I'll keep the blog updated!