Another practice game ready for the incoming "Longest Day" tournament. Again trialing my 1750pt list against one of the Swindon clubs non-marine players. A decent chap, who is still building his Eldar force up but has some nicely painted models and with each game is getting better and better.

I've faced off against him 1v1 before and was his first game at the club in the very first round of our Campaign we ran and I managed to get the win there. His dice rolling is almost as notorious as mine, but as he said last night he tends to roll better against everyone else... and I seem to roll better against him! I'll accept that!

The battle was pitched for a change (yay no Dawn of War!!) and we had the Capture and Control mission with us both having an Objective to hold (the club had a couple of those big space marine statues so we used those). I won the roll off and chose my side (it had a nice raised ridge that the Thunderfire Cannon could sit on) and that guarded the Objective along with a combat squad of Tacticals, a dreadnought and a razorback with another combat squad in it.

Elsewhere I deployed the rest of my force to go after his objective, committing two Vindicators, two razorbacks (one normal combat squad and the Captain and Command Squad). A nearby building gave my Lascannon combat squad a place to stand and shoot from which was nice. The Terminators and Librarian I held in reserve for some Deep Striking.

For the Eldar's part they held the jetbikes, war walker squadron and striking scorpions in reserve. A fire prism was deployed along with a wave serpent/falcon (I can never tell which is which) with Fire Dragons inside opposite my objective. A Farseer stood with a splurge-gun squad (erm... Dire Avengers) in the centre and some Warlock Seers lurked near their objective along with a unit of Rangers. On the far side an Avatar and a Wave Serpent with Howling Banshee's lurking inside.

Luckily he didn't grab the initiative and that probably decided the game to a degree. My tanks rolled forward and the Vindicators made short work of the entire Dire Avenger squad. One of the lascannon guys shot the fire prisms gun off and the Razorbacks took two wounds off the Avatar. All the Rangers were killed by the Thunderfire Cannon's incredibly accurate shooting  at almost the full 5ft (10 wounds on 5 models S5 ignoring cover... ouch!).

His first turn saw not a lot happen apart from the Farseer joining the Warlocks and his stuff move forward. They did wreck the Command Squads Razorback however, blast them! And with incoming Banshee's things might not turn out well for them!

Turn 2 saw the Terminators come in with little to shoot at. Scattering close to the WS/Falcon with the Fire Dragons in, they shot up the warlocks instead. Generally bad shooting, but the Librarian had used Null Zone which managed to cover the Warlocks and Avatar which was great news. Some Vindicator shells later and the Farseer and Warlocks were all dead too. I also managed to shoot the Banshee's WS/Falcon and wreck it and they got out as best they could. The Thunderfire Cannon had a word and they were down to 5 girls.

The girls ran in but after they got out of the wreck they were pretty space out and whilst they could get into combat with the Command Squad, only 1 was in base contact and a further 2 within 2" of that one - the last banshee and Exarch were out of fighting range. In the ensuing struggle, the banshee's scored 1 wound which the Captain took on his Iron Halo. Return Power weapon attacks from him and general punching, kicking and biting from the Command Squad (there might have been some hair pulling too ;)) and the Banshees were wiped out. By my objective, the war walkers and striking scorpions not only out-flanked but (of course...) they came in the side they needed to and jumped my objective area. A lucky shot up the ar5e of the dreadnought saw it explode and in turn blow up the Thunderfire Cannon... *sigh* it also wounded four of the combat squad but they made their saves. The Striking Scorpions assaulted the Razorback and shook it about and ripped the gun off... bah! The fire dragons jumped out, hosed the terminators down to two guys and a libby... who promptly failed their morale test and ran for it... (always the terminators run... I guess my Chapter sticks the cowards in the best armour rather than the veterans...)

Again Captain Damocles and his Command Squad prove their worth killing off a Howling Banshee squad in close combat, gunning down an Avatar of Khaine and then blowing up a Fire Prism. The Apothecary was able to save all members of the squad from Gets Hot! and not a single marine fell to his own weapon.

Turn 3 saw my guys in the unlikely position of having to work overtime to hold off the attack on the Objective which I had hoped would come head on, but instead came from behind! The other combat squad jumped out of the razorback and with careful positioning I poured two squads worth of boltguns and bolt pistols, a flamer etc. into them only to have them save everything! *sigh* the Techmarine helped out by attacking the Warwalker squadron and making his flamer also splash the striking scorpions... who passed as well. Mind you the techmarine did shoot his bolt pistol at the war walkers, glance it and immobilise it (or in the case of a squadron BOOM!). Down to two Warwalkers, he bit the bullet and charged them, whilst the combat squad (with sergeant BP&Chainsword) charged into the Striking Scorpions to hopefully tie them up (and not get charged by them - hence using bolt pistols when they shot). Sadly my dice rolling proved ineffective and I killed none of them but lost all but the sergeant, who in a rare display of leadership held his ground. The Command Squad advanced on the Avatar and with some nice plasma death finished him off. This left the path clear for my forces to move on the Eldar objective! One of the Vindicators broke off to head back to my objective with the aim (if I lost everything) of clearing everything off it with a pie plate. The other shot at the WS/F and immobilised it.

The Sergeant was subsequently killed in the Eldar turn's combat, but further shooting in my turn had taken the teeth out of the Eldar army. The Jetbikes came on here and passed their terrain test to land in the trees and camp their Objective, which meant that they held 1 objective and mine was contested... bah! After the Scorpions finished off the sergeant they consolidated one inch. The techmarine picked one of the war walkers up in his Servo-Harness and pulled it apart.

Turn 4 saw me run towards the Eldar objective some more, finally finish off the remaining Fire Dragon Exarch (the rest had been killed by my fleeing terminators - I'm glad they can still fire!) and continue to pound the downed WS/F with my vindicator. In a rare display of things going right, my remaining tactical combat squad shot at the striking scorpions (after the remains of the weaponless and no longer shaken razorback got out of the way) and the lascannon guy showed (for once) he could hit the side of a barn and between that and the boltguns I killed all but two striking scorpions who failed their leadership test and ran for it. The Techmarine continued to prove how his Artificer Armour is better than the Terminators armour and passed all 2+ saves he had to make against the war walker.

Eldar turn 4 saw the scorpions run some more and pick off a tactical marine with their pistols. The gunless fire prism made its way towards the eldar objective and parked close to the jetbikes, its guns proving ineffective.

Turn 5 was the decider. My tactical squad ran close to the Eldar objective contesting it and hoping to get a flamer shot in. The Command Squad (after last turns run of 1"...) decided to shoot their plasma at the Fire Prism. In another display of awesome tank busting they destroyed it... with a 6" explosion that hit my combat squad (killing two) and also killed two of the three jetbikes. My squad held their ground... the jetbikes failed and ran off the board! Thanks to a charge from the remaining tactical combat squad they were able to attach Krak grenades to the walker and blow it up securing my objective.

The game ended with 2-0 objective-wise and the Eldar only had 2 (running) Striking Scorpions left as well as an immobilised WS/F that couldn't shoot, so we called it there.

My army performed well again, but I am more convinced than ever that the dreadnought needs to be dropped in favour of boosting some of my squads slightly. They need a little oompf to them so they can pose slightly more of a threat. The Terminators did about as I expected... which is not much. As the games go on whether it is tactical terminators or assault terminators I am less and less sure these guys are worth it in my army.