Boy, that's a lot of boyz. . . .

This weekend, my FLGS--The Board Room Game Center--is hosting a 2000-point WH40K tournament, and I thought participating would be a good way to get the summer started (followed directly by tons of reading for my Qualifying Exams).

The problem is that I hate hate hate games that big. That many orks is a lot of orks, as evidenced by the table-spanning family photo posted above. That's ten years worth of greenskins out there, every one of them painted. And sometimes I wonder why I've never written a novel. . . .

So despite my reservations about the game size (before I signed up I made sure the tables are six by four) I ponied up the five bucks to throw down. Of the eight or so folks already signed up before me, most had declared Imperial Guard. I was a bit surprised by that, though most of the players I've seen there are beyond starting-out newbie marine players. So maybe it makes sense.

Games this big really aren't my cup of tea. I prefer games where players have to make some choices because they're limited by points totals. High points means you get to use all your toys, sure, but many times that's where 40K gets broken in my mind.

I've ranted about my love of the smaller GW games before, so I won't do it again. I'm just saying, Tournament Organizers, for the love of all that's holy, if you're going to have large point games, make sure there's plenty of space for my Dead Pile.

I am going to use a list I've never used before, which also means I need to paint up a new looted wagon. I've had a Chimera laying around for a while, and some remainder bits from a Defiler, so zip zop zap, conversion is done and I'll paint it up over the next couple days. I'll post a pic or two when it's done.

Below you'll find my list. I haven't double checked the math yet, but I think it comes to 1997.

Feel free to have a peek, offer a suggestion, or bask in the glory of my tactical genius.

2000-Point Ork List

Big Mek with Power Klaw and Kustom Force Field

Weirdboy with Warphead

10 Nobs with a Painboy, 2 Klaws, Stikk Bombs and 2 Big Choppas

A Battlewagon with a Kannon, Big Shoota, 'Ard Case, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram what for the nobs to ride in

12 Ork Boyz with a Nob, a Rokkit, and Stikkbombs

A Trukk with a Big Shoota, a Wreckin' Ball, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram what for the boys to ride in

12 Ork Boyz with a Nob, a Rokkit, and Stikkbombs

A Trukk with a Big Shoota, a Wreckin' Ball, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram what for those boys to ride in, too, elsewise they get jealous

21 Shoota Boyz with a Nob and 2 big shoots

21 Slugga Boyz with a Nob and a Power Klaw

2 Looted Wagons with Boomguns, 'Ard Cases, and Armour Plates

A Deff Dread with 3 Close Combat Weapons and a Mega-Blasta

3 Killa Kans with a Rokkit Launcha, a Big Shoota, and a Grotzooka

3 Buggies each with Twin-linked Rokkits

3 Deff Koptas with Twin-Linked Rokkits

That's five scoring units (the dread counts as a troop choice thanks to the Big Mek) and what I hope is enough armor-killing power.

I still love the Weirdboy, and think he's a great choice to include in an army that really doesn't have the juicy HQ choices that a lot of the newer codices have. Zzap can crack open a Land Raider from three feet away without rolling to hit. Good enough for me.