No need to beat around the bush, I went 1win to 3 losses. Not overly phased by that to be honest, simply because I was there for the games rather than having any expectations of winning. Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I will get some up asap. Edit: Pics added!

The first chap I played had Eldar and he beat me on kill points because I missed crucial shots when I needed to make them and scattered 12" on vindicator shells... well 8" after reducing for BS (a recurring theme for the day...) so I half killed a lot of units. He was a decent chap, had some nice models and we had a nice friendly game. I actually accounted for more Victory Points here simply because I had killed over 50% of most of his units and damaged a lot of vehicles. He was a nice chap, very friendly and if I could have given him points for sportsmanship I would have done.

The Wraithguard disembark and are greeted by my Command Squad and Captain Damocles who give them a plasma-laden welcome!

The only game I didn't enjoy was my Game2 against Deathwing. My opponent was obnoxious (comments about kicking me in the nuts whenever he failed rolls or if I killed his dudes). This dude was a poor sportsman and cheated at least once by rolling behind scenery and claiming 1's as successes (was witnessed by a spectator although I didn't find out until after the game). I also thought he'd got a couple of rules wrong which soured my opinion of him, but in hindsight (and thanks to teh internetz) I was wrong in my interpretations (either way I didn't bring it up during the game and looked up the rules for myself afterwards). So that was the only negative of the day for me. As for the game in general against him, like with any Deathwing army, you are reliant on your opponent failing invulnerable saves... he rarely did, so I lost simple as that (over 80% of the army was pushing a 3+ inv save). The only saving graces were getting more victory points (despite the saves most of his units were less than half strength) and my Librarian force weaponing - and instant deathing - Belial! Boo yah!

The Emperor's Word ready themselves for a battle against the Deathwing.

A combat squad looks out on what is left of the building they were in before being assaulted by the Ravenwing. Led by the same marine who killed an Avatar in close combat (for which he was granted Terminator Honours), he once again clubbed foes with his lascannon and killed both the Ravenwing bikers off.

Game3 I lost due to bad setup on my part - and the fact it was the second Dawn of War setup of the tournament didn't help. I had a chance to pull a draw but at the crucial point my Command Squad failed a morale test rolling a 12... (again, another recurring theme during the day for my morale checks). The chap I played was great though, had a fairly balanced Chaos Space Marine army and I had a good game against him (even though he tabled me). He even got me a tea after the game, which I thought was a nice touch and something I will take on board to do if I'm ever in the same position. Again, this chap was someone I would have given a sportsmanship point to.

The Emperor's Word terminators believe that Fortune Favours the Pious and teleported directly into a ravine behind the Chaos lines (the table edge is just off the bottom of the picture). Once landed they destroyed the Rhino with little effort.

Game4 was my only win and the only plus side was I knew I was finally facing someone who'd had as gimped a day as I had! Another Chaos Space Marine army, again fairly balanced and awesomely painted. Here my luck finally changed and almost everything I did worked out right. My Vindicator finally hit and pentrated and blew up something (chaos predator turn 1 - woo hoo!). I thought I'd lost this game as despite my efforts I again had some bad dice rolls (after a 4 to hit, 6 to wound and a failed invulnerable save, my Libby activated his force weapon to ID the Greater Demon only to roll a 12... *sigh*). However in the end, I accounted for more Kill Points and won, which was cool. The chap was again a stand up bloke who was cool to play. Another sportsmanship point I wish I could have given. Had a good chat with him about the Chaos Codex after the game.

Facing off against a Slaaneshi chaos space marine army is never easy, especially when they have a home field advantage. However the Emperor's Word deploy ready to face their foes.

The Emperor's Word terminators make their way across the Chaos Shrine, whilst the Librarian helps them fight of the urges of Slaanesh to turn from the Emperor's Light.

As I mentioned on the Throne of Skulls tournament write-up, if you get some losses under your belt, you end up fighting people that are there for fun rather than for serious... whilst I of course want to win, having fun is more important to me and so I look to that first rather than anything else.

You might think that the bad Game2, or the 3 losses spoilt my day, but I came away happy. I'd had a darn good day. 3 great games and met a host of new people and seen a lot of awesome armies and creative conversions. It was well worth it as a day out of 40k gaming - and the scenery was awesome. As with any tournament you get out of it what you expect and winning wasn't in my expectations so I didn't go looking for it. The Bristol Vanguard chaps (bar Game2 guy) were a standup bunch, who organised an awesome tournament. I am so there next time...

And that will be with my Dark Eldar... muhahahhaaha!!