Due to the recent changes in GW (primarily the trade embargo), I've re assessed my spending and in particular the build of this army.  Due to the cost of having to get speeders and drop pods, I've decided to put my original list on the back burner and go for a different build.  The goal is to build the force so that I can use various components in other lists and build up a collection that will work for a variety of builds.  To that end I've decided to start off with a terminator based force using the Dark Angel's Codex as this will allow me to put together an army relatively cheaply.  As it grows I will add in support elements in the forms of Dreadnoughts, Predators and Landspeeders until I have a variety of support units.  Then I can look at changing the core elements of the army and utilise my support units in different roles.

To get me started, I am working on a 750 point force for an event called Force Z which is to be held in September.  The list I have come up with is as follows:

Company Captain (Belial) - TH/SS
Terminator Squad - SB/PS, SB/PF/Narthecium, SB/CF/1st Company Banner, SB/PF/CML, TH/SS
Terminator Squad - SB/PS, SB/PF, SB/CF, SB/PF/CML, TH/SS
7th Company Support Squadron - Landspeeder with Multi-Melta, Typhoon Missile Launcher

Total 740 points

If I can get some in time, I will spend the extra points on more chainfists for each of the CML equipped terminators.

I am attending Quarter Master 3 next weekend but will otherwise be snowed under with university work so this small easy to paint force will keep me going, especially since it appears that the new SoB Codex is not looking very good (Hopefully do a write up on that soonish).