So, 4 hours of construction and $94 in materials have crafted my table of awesome.  It's a 4'x8' table that actually folds in half and latches to the wall, making it store well and free up the room in my basement.  A special thanks to my father in law and brother in law for helping me put this puppy together.

I also have two shelves full of terrain, all modular for different board configurations.  I took several pieces of green felt and stapled it to the plywood to cover the wood and give a nice surface to play on.  It doesn't hurt that it looks like grass too!

Game Table Folded up:

Side view with the latches on:

And my table unfolded:

And finally, my ever growing terrain shelf:

So, there it is.  My table of awesome is, well, awesome.  Already got four games in on it too, and it hasn't even been there for 2 days.  Nice thing is, when I am running the campaign in my house, we can split the table into two 4x4 pieces and run two games at once, that way we can get them all over in a night.