I was finally able to finish Harker and his 1st Griffon Commando Squad. I have Harker represented as a Harakoni Grunt. In his squad are two Harakoni light riflemen, a Medusan female riflemen, and 7 Catachan representing a Missile launcher team and 3 snipers. I used the Rocket Girl from Schaeffers Last Chancers, 2 Catachan Sniper models, MAD Larkin and a female model from Gaunts Ghosts, an escher ganger and the rest were bit bashed from Different ranges of IG sets and Space Marine Scouts. I'm still looking into replacing the 3 snipers I have for 3 grenade launchers most likly to represent Medusan rifleman.
The reason I used Harker as a Harakoni then a Catachan was that Harakoni prefer using Heavy Bolters and Plasma guns and I have ALOT of Catachan in the squad already. I wanted the squad to represent "The Best of the Best" from my regiment in one squad.

In front I have Harker put together using Catachan bits, the heavy bolter arms from the scout space marine box and green stuff for his boonie cover. Next to him is an escher ganger with a green stuffed patrol cap.

Here I have the old catachan female figure Oop with green stuffed beret and a shoulder pad from the valkyrie gunners and shaved down grenade launcher. Next to her is a guardsmen using a set of Tau fire warrior arms, a bandolier from the scout marine box, guardsmen legs and torso, and a scout space marine head.

On the back of the rifleman is a boyonet and behind Harker is a Bond staff from the Tau sprue to represent him as a veteran from the Medusa 5 campaign and as a "beat you down" stick :) If you have any questions on the conversions or want more pics let me know and I'll be happy to provide them.

Also These AWESOME weapons came out from Chapter house studioes so check them out when you can