Hello there,

My gaming group has been brainstorming some ideas for Adepticon and we finally settled on an idea! We are totally digging the idea of fallen Grey Knights. The idea being that Chaos wants to mock the ultimate defenders of the human race so they corrupt them, steal their equipment, and even raise them from the dead and have them fight their allies! So the floor is pretty open for conversions, crazy paint jobs, and all sorts of other hobbying fun.

I know I wanted to make Grey Knights that were risen from the dead as zombies, we will see what other ideas my teammates come up with.

Fallen Grey Knight
My first zombie Grey Knight!

I started painting this guy a while ago but as far as I remember I used Boltgun Metal, Mithril Silver with a heavy green wash followed by a brown wash. The sword was the same metallics with a purple wash. The red was Mechrite Red with a Blood Red highlight, and the rest was details.

We are still thinking of an official name for our team but probably something along the lines of mockery or deception. Any thoughts?

Now we have to play test a few lists and see what we like.