Ok, sorry for the long layoff, but in the break The Grizz became a Homeowner!! He is now only about 20 minutes from his favorite game store, Dicehead Games! So unpacking, painting, moving, all that jazz has really put a damper on the 40kness for a while. But now The Grizz has his very own subterranean 800 sq.ft. Bear Den all to himself! So yes, mucho excitement on my part.

Got Room to have a table up and leave it up! Now just need to get some good terrain!

Room for all my Armies to get out of the foam and on display!

Armies on parade!

Well this weekend I ran a game out with my good buddy Pariah.Stevo, who debuted his new to him Black Templar. He ran a 16 terminator/6 Speeder Typhoon list, that promptly put my wolves in their place. I have been playing a lot of shooty shooty lists lately, and have had a lot of fun with them. One thing I have had some issues with, however, is termie squads and AV 14. Shooting the poowater out of them is not necessarily the most effective method.

Well this got my mind thinkin. Why don't I start playin around with some just absolutely nasty lists, with that gross center? You know, somethin that is nothin but pure fun to throw down somebody's throat. Why not try some termies and AV 14 myself? Everyone loves a good beatstick, Well when I think of beatsticks, My bestest friend Abaddon always comes to mind. Well the problem is that when you take Abaddon, you have to take a Land Raider, and I always have problems fitting a LR in a chaos list.

So, what if I build a list centered around the LR? Then the cogs started tickin. So I designed a Chaos List unlike anything I have ever played before - A Dual LR list. I just played a game by myself (something I do often, actually really helps your gameplay) matching up the Chaos with the Space Wolves, Pitched Battle, C & C.

Let me just say that the results were more than surprising. The Chaos were one long fang squad away from a complete wipe, and controlled both objectives. I am still shakin my head about it. The List - 

7x Plague Marines
---2x Melta, Fisty champ w/ combimelta
---Land Raider - Extra Armor, Dozer Blade

---MoS, Lash, Wings
3x Termie Champs
---MoN, Dual Claws
1x Termie Champ
---TLBolter, Chain Fist

---Land Raider - Extra Armor, Dozer Blade

2x10 CSMs
---Fisty Champ, ML, Rhino

2x Oblits

1996 pts.

No it does not have a world of shooty, but throw those two LRs up there and if your opponent can't stop you, then its bad news bears all up in here. I will be playtesting it the next couple weeks, maybe I can get up a new batrep of them for y'all to enjoy! Till next time!!

So, glad to be back! What do y'all think of the list! Love it? Hate It? Either way let us know below!!