Abaddon may be my favorite named character in the game. He's an IC, he is tough, durable, and can be just absolutely ridiculous in the assault phase, able to go toe to toe with just about anything in the game. The problem is, his model doesn't do him justice. No, let me rephrase that - His model is absolutely terrible.

So years ago when I scored the deal of the century and payed 130 bucks on eBay for an entire Nurgle army (50+ Plague Marines!!), I decided to make my own. At that time, I was wanting to stay pure Nurgle, so I took my Typhus model and created one of my favorite retarded ideas to date - Typhusbaddon. 

Typhusbaddon - Born of Necessity, Beer, and Boredom

Yes the almighty Typhusbaddon saw many a tournament, game night, victory and ass whoopin. As my Chaos horde began to grow, however, being "pure Nurgle" began to become less important. I had already phased out my Nurglezerkers (don't ask), and Typhusbaddon's run was coming to an end. 

So I picked up a terminator lord/sorcerer kit, and ordered a Skulltaker model from which to procure a suitable weapon from which to make the mighty Drach'nyen. I have had him assembled for over a year, but just now finished painting him. So here he is, the Warmaster himself, The Colossus of Clout (The Colossus of Clout!) - no, I am not above Sandlot references - Abaddon The Despoiler!

Sorry bout the quality of the pics, the lighting is kinda suck :(

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