I think I'm going a tad too fast with my Pre Heresy Space Wolves project and decided to take a break from it. Had a game with my BA based Night Lords army last weekend with a Dark Eldar army and they performed extremely well (will post a bat rep if I have the mood) But when I looked back at my Night Lords, I don't know, something was amiss. Then I realised I wasn't really happy with the paint job on some of the models particularly the Atramentar Terminators. They lacked 'drama' and looked dull. I know I was aiming only tabletop quality but it seems they're not up to the standards I'm looking for. So 'editing' the Termies are the logical thing to do.

Currently I don't have a representation of one of the Atramentar's champion, namely champion Malek. I had a spare unused Space Wolf Terminator and decided to use to represent Malek. As you can see in the picture below, he's wielding a Thunder Hammer as per the novel. I purposely made the model a dirty with snow dirt, scratched armor and grisly trophies and also appeared freshly killed a Blood Angel marine. I like how the base turned out for my SW project and decided to use for my NL as well.

Here are more pictures of the 'edited' Atramentars.

I've built and started painting another Talos model but this time without a Jump Pack. I've to tweaked my army list a bit after a few rounds and found out that he's more suitable leading the Atramentars rather flying around with the Raptors. The prospect of getting shot at and die early in the game compared to the rest of the NL doesn't really appeal since he's the prophet and all. So now he will lead the Atramentars aboard the Night Stalker (Storm Raven). Below is the current look after a heavy wash of Citadel washes. I will post more pics once I finish painting it.

So that's it from for now. To all Night Lords fans, Ave Dominus Nox!