What an amazing experience! Event 2 was fantastic and it was an awesome weekend for all of us that went to it. Big thanks to: Steve, Ben, Shaun, Ash & Chris from the SWAT club, as well as to my mate James who also joined us. We had a cracking time win, lose or draw and made a ton of new friends at the tournament. The curry & drinks on the Friday evening were just what the doctor ordered to get us cleansed of stress and ready for a weekend of 40k!

I'll do more of a write-up as soon as I get the photo's from Steve to avoid wall-of-text-ing people. But as an advance on the tl:dr side of things I came out of the weekend on 2wins, 1 draw and 2losses. To be fair the draw should have been a win, but we were running out of time and I made a few mistakes that almost lost me the game rather than winning it. One of the losses was to Grey Knights purifier list which was essentially tabled bar a dreadnought and one guy. However one mistake (skipping a movement phase) basically lost me the game. Still, I came away happy as it was more about the weekend than the winning. As a side-note, this Grey Knight player won "Most Infamous Unit" for his Vindicare Assassin that ravaged four of his games taking out tanks/MC's everything... in the game against me though, he got run down Turn1 by my Jetbikes! Take that Officio Assassinorum! :P

I lost to a dual Lash Prince list and Grey Knights, drew with Blood Angels and beat Deathwing (via tabling) and Blood Ravens (Salamanders) on objectives. All my opponents were cool which made it a good time.

Steve also managed to get "Best Tyranid" player going 4-0 and taking out two Grey Knights, a Salamanders list and a Space Wolves list to do it. He left a lot of bemused GK/SW players wondering exactly how they could lose to Tyranids! Brilliant! (...and he wasn't even running Hive Guard!)