Want this model when it is completed? It is up for auction very soon! It will be auctioned 8PM Saturday November 26th on the live stream of the Mass Effect Marathon for the Childs Play charity! Check out here for auction details.

I first started planning the Normandy model around August. It was nothing but a couple screenshots and 3D model files. With small models and minis I can see progress on very quickly, but this build required so much more planning and preparation than I was used to. But I stuck to my guns regardless, chipping away at each little piece at a time.

Now here it is near the end of November, and I have the thing sitting in my apartment! I am equal parts happy to see it come out so well, and relieved to be mostly done with it.

Now there are just a few more steps remain before it is fully complete. I need to fix the stand which has begun to buckle. I didn't pick the center of balance correctly, so it is breaking the PVC. I will fix this with a secondary stand. I ended up magnetizing the front two fins after an unfortunate ship face plant. This makes me much more at ease about moving it. There are also a few last details that I want to score into the ship, and the little mini antenna thing in the front before it is ready.

Oh, and I have to paint it. I will be following the Cerberus colors used in ME2, and this time I will be trying my hand at custom printing decals. I've done decal work before on my Tau and other projects, and I am confident in my ability to get a seamless look. If I need to however, I can fall back on cutting out stencil again. I will be hand painting the other details that didn't actually make it into 3D on the model, mostly windows and vents/important panel lines.