Okay, so I admit it... yet again I've changed my mind army-wise. This always happens (and I'm a bit jaded about it now!) and yet I plod on with the best intentions as always!

So... where are my Necrons? Well... ebay at some point I think! Yes, in the end I didn't enjoy playing them as much as I thought I would. This is partly down to me (two shooting armies already and adding a third... not so much fun - especially as Dark Eldar do shooting so much better) and partly down to my ongoing itch to do Blood Angels of some variety.

Some people may be aware of my secret love of Lamenters, but I am in no doubt that I could never do them justice. Despite a ton of test models, I can't match the GW Lamenters colour scheme (the one I'd want to do) and even then, my general painting skillset isn't good enough. Now, that isn't to say I am picking an "easier" scheme to do - but by going with the Flesh Tearers (the other Blood Angels successor I like), the Red/Black combo is a lot more forgiving to my level of skill.

So! Flesh Tearers it is! This will be a similar level of list to my Emperor's Word and Dark Eldar armies - in that, it should do well in games locally and at tournaments. It won't win any tournaments, but if I can put in a decent effort I should break even.

I am deliberately building the list avoiding the usual "must-haves" like Blood Angels librarians (understandable they are picked so often when you look at the lack-luster Blood Angels Captains...). The force will be lead by Seth as he is the only Flesh Tearers character represented in the Codex and well... why not eh!

I am planning the list to be heavily drop-pod oriented along with a Storm Raven. The whole army can in theory deploy in various ways anywhere on the board. I've also got Lemartes in the list leading some Death Company, so that is quite cool.

Of course, I now have to build the models (and collect the models) to do this army, but I already have 5 drop pods spare (don't ask...) and a lot of bits of marines. So hopefully they will take shape pretty soon. Got the Storm Raven and Death Company dreadnought on order from Gifts for Geeks, some Flesh Tearers brass emblems from Forgeworld and some more Flesh Tearers shoulder pads from GW. I do still have some Death Company sprues somewhere (and maybe Sang Guard ones) which should help me tailor the assault marines nicely. I'll need some more though to build my full force.

With the clubs new Campaign starting this last Tuesday (using Planetary Empires rules), we had time for some 750point games which people paired up and turned into 4 player games. The Flesh Tearers had their first taste of blood by teaming up with some Blood Ravens (using Blood Angels codex) and fought off the Orks and Eldar.

The man of the match was definitely Seth himself. After landing via drop pod, his Honour Guard were cut down and Seth was charged by 20 Orks including a Nob with a Power Klaw. Sanguinius himself must have been with Seth after the Nob managed to roll 3 1's to wound him. In return over the course of a couple of turns Seth killed most of the Orks and sent them running - only to be cut down by Seth himself. After that, he joined an assault squad and helped them destroy some Striking Scorpions before then assaulting 3 Deff Kopta's and killing all three himself and consolidating onto the enemy objective.

I'd be surprised if I ever get that out of him again! But he cemented his place in my army by pretty much soloing the Ork army and also helping with the Eldar (by contesting at the end of turn 5 he got us the win rather than the draw too). It is nice to have the S8 attacks even if they aren't power weapons - especially as he doesn't go last with them like a powerfist would. Rending is a nice bonus though!

As I piece these guys together I'll get some photo's done and post them up here as works-in-progress.