Another week and another cover for The Galaxies Greatest Comic!

2000AD: Prog 1773

You know the drill... first some sketches, references (incl. gurning) and painting - Et voilà! You have a cover...!

Quick sketches, using the cover template 
as a guide for placement. I kept the colours 
minimal for effect and also give the droids 
some room to play with design and palettes...

 Let the gurning commence! 
Good reference can be invaluable.
Also, it can look silly.
But it's still invaluable...

Many hours later, here's the final result. 
Lots of painting and resizing of Dante's pupils 
to get the right mix of terror and pain...

Dante, on the cover. 
A brilliant story - I'm proud to be a small part of it.

...and a Very Happy (Belated) 35th Birthday to Tharg and his Droids at 2000AD - Thank you for being the best and most consistently brilliant comic going and long may you reign over us ;)


That's all for now, currently on the drawing board - Jetbikes vs Orks...