Hey there, folks, It's me again. With some of my thoughts on the this whole ACTUAL Summer o' Flierz. Again.

Now that we know what the rules for the Ork Flierz are, it's time to sit down and play favorites.
The Dakkajet, the Blitza-Bommer and the Burna-Bommer now have their very own, special entries in the new White Dwarf and there's even a cool Fast Attack page with all of their options and weaponry, which should fit just nicely between the pages of Codex: Orks. 

And to answer some of the questions that I asked myself yesterday..
Yes. They are all Fast Attack choices. ;_;
No. They cannot be taken in Squadrons. ;_;

So which Bommer caught my eye after some perusing of the scans that are currently circulating the interwebs?

The Dakkajet
The Dakkajet is the cheapest Ork flier of them all, starting at just 110 points and actually has the most wargear options! Yep, he has three things to choose from and you might as well give it all of 'em.
It comes with x2 twin-linked supa shootas and with all of the special rules that the rest of the fliers have so.. Aerial Assault.. blah-blah-BLAH.. Supersonic and Waaaagh!plane
...10 points get you a third twin-linked supa shoota.
That's 30'' S6 AP4 Assault 3, donchaknow!?
You definitely want them 9 S6 shots a turn, because.. that's pretty cool.
And they are twin-linked! And..and.. Strafing Run makes you BS3 if you're shooting non-jetbike, non-skimmer units/vehicles, although for for just 10 points you can get Fight Ace, basically making you BS3 against any targets. Hey, add to that the twin-linked factor and you've got yourself an Ork model that can actually glance the wide side of a barn! Darn!
Oh, and its supa shootas cause Pinning!

Pinning in Codex: Orks! Now that's something. Pinning is pretty unreliable, but with so many shots you're bound to kill something and force that Ld check.

What's my favorite thing about the Dakkajet, though is the Waaagh!plane rule. WAAAAAAGH and all of a sudden your Dakkajet is shooting 18 twin-linked S6 AP4 shots at BS3. That's... that's... awesome. Focus fire on that one annoying Tactical Squad and hope to pin it, or maneuver and shoot the rear armor of that pesky Rhino.. or pretty much any vehicle. That many S6 shots should do it!
And all of that for like.. ~130 points.

The rest of the vehicles are also pretty cool, but they are not as reliable, I think. Lower BS, less shots.
Although I definitely can see the Burna-Bommer doing some cool things with it's up to 6 (!!!) skorcha bombs. Like.. oh, I dunno.. completely incinerating mobs of Boyz and definitely pissing in the cheerios of your opponent's Canoptek Swarms with your burna bombs (S5 AP4 Heavy 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover)...

That's it for now.

Dakkajets are awesome.