Today I spent a little time taking stock of what miniatures I've got to be put into the INQ machine. I still have a substantial Imperial Guard army and some Space Marine models, but those alone won't be enough for the retinues and NPCs I'm planning on. So I looked into my already-built box, and I think I've found two models that look promising for a retinue.

This model, from a Games Day diorama, looks like a fanatical crazed man who might be useful as a...tracker of some sort? Still thinking here, but he's got a lot of character. I've gotten the comment that he may be too recognizable, but I'm sure with new arms and weapons he'll be a good fit.

The once famous Captain Imperium, wielding a powerfist and shield. I'm thinking a Rogue Trader of some sort for this guy, but his wargear gives off a much more offensive look than a rich trader looking to better his interests by the sword. Maybe he'll be a young Inquisitor...
That's all for now, hope it was enjoyable.

Drew ~ED Wargaming~