Hey guys,

Since the last post I've returned back to work (what a drag!) and been battered by real-life issues. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of RiseoftheMagi (Jon), who went to Warhammer World, got my coat, and then posted it back to me.

I can return the favour by showing you his amazing Inquisitor Helsmarck model:

A lovely conversion from the Fantasy Empire Witch Hunters model. It shows just how amazing the Empire stuff is, but also how versatile a medium Finecast can be. I certainly think it's made some ambitious conversions far more within the reach of average hobbyists and modellers.

There have also been two really good posts on the blogs about the INQvitational that I think you'd enjoy reading: here's one from Neil101, and one from Fulgrim. I previously linked to the aftermath thread on the Ammobunker, which has grown exponentially, and started seeding concepts and ideas for future events. I want this blog to try to encapsulate that, so hopefully we'll get some more posts coming through as the "shared space" of Dalthus grows to accomodate them.

Which reminds me, I'll need to do another post about Dalthus soon...

I'll try to keep you all updated. Hope you're having a great day,