While the new edition of 40K is looming closer, I wanted share some more of the Orcs and Goblins that spent most of the last year working on.
First off, goblins are pretty awesome in the lore of Warhammer Fantasy. They are mean, vile, aggressive, and completely nutty!  These spider riders were awesome to prepare and easy to paint up. I could see myself making a full goblin army (one day... in the far future perhaps!)
The purple and orange colors carried over nicely to these units. The purple on the spiders shows nicely and the orange tops gives some contrast.

I've always loved Goblin Fantatics. Its like giving your ADD youngster a kilo of coke and a machine gun. These dudes are wild and crazy and love playing against them. To be honest, these were some of my favorite models to paint up. 

Night Goblins are standard, effective, and the back bone to a goblin army. While I'd like a bit more variation in the models, they assembled easily and painted up nicely. The banner is just completely full of awesomeness. What more can I say about the goblins without getting cheesy?!?