So exams and apathy have conspired to keep me from posting in just under two months, but I finally have something to show you.

This is the base part of a sculpting/painting piece I've been working on for a while now. I've once again been inspired by Massive Voodoo to push my painting and modelling skills more, and to try and take my figures away from being just models, and turn them into artwork.

What this means, is I have tried to give this piece more of a meaning than previous work. This should become more apparent when the figure is in place, but the sculpting is not quite finished, so I'll show it later.

As an aside, yes I have replaced my lightbox. The old one was just falling apart, and this didn't actually fit into it very well, so I quickly put together a new one. The black also makes the white foamboard stand out much better than the previous lightbox did.