Hi Guys,

Red Mist here, I've been quite for a while, what with holidays, the football and gardening. But that doesn't mean I have been idle in the evening.

As you know DOC and myself decided to pool our Necron forces, what with GW prices the way they are, and what a good idea it has been.

 Now rising from the earth is the Royal Court, 2 Lords and 5 crypteks ready to do battle.

And what better to fight by the side of them than a rock hard destroyer lord, with a +2 armour save,  resurrection orb, toughness of 6 and now with an AP1 weapon, everyone had better watch out.

Also rising is a squad of Lychguard, with toughness and strenth of 5, AP3 weapons and +4 inv save these guys are truly kick-ass, just ask DOCs space wolves.

What's that coming over the hill, just Necron skimmers that's what, in the shape of a Ghost Ark and Annilation Barge, (photo not available)

What's next you ask well just look to the sky....

a DOOM SCYTHE, really looking forward to testing out this bad boy in 6th.

Well that's it from me for now, next project lined up, a second scythe and a certain Necron bodyguard.

Red Mist signing off.