Middle Earth is a scary place to live, the free people are fighting against all sorts of ancient evils; and if not for Elves and epic Heroes the Good Guys wouldn't stand a chance. This is very apparent in the minis, as my armies grow my good guys gets more horses and guys running around trying to hit things with a sword. My evil forces have recently acquired some large beasties. I'm working on a Mumak, ordered a Watcher and present to you what is described as Cirith Ungol's most Ancient Evil.

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Who Would Win?  The Hobbits apparently...

The model is of course Shelob, i found the model fairly difficult to build, but once completed and painted i would have to say she is my favorite GW Spider. In the game she doesn't really accomplish much. Just pounces around tormenting troops. A Solid hero should see her scuttling off the board.

I also managed to finish the Walking version of Suladan, so when his horse is inevitably shot out from under him i have model to use.

Like i said earlier I'm working on a Mumak, I'll try to finish it this week but it is a big model.