I have had quite a few projects steaming along towards completion over the last few months. One of them has been my Dystopian Wars Prussian fleet. While I was able to paint the smaller destroyers up relatively quickly, there was a lot of fiddling to do with all the other pieces. I drilled out all of the turrets and magnetized them, as well as the stands for the heavy fliers.

The biggest modification was to turn the fighter counters into actual airborne planes. It was not too difficult, but did involve a few stages that I spread out over the months.
The first step is to use an exacto to slice off all of the rivets on the token. Without doing this, you will not get a flush cut on the plane. You tech ically only need to do it for the back side rivets, but I cut them all anway.
Then take a hobby saw and start at the tail end of the back planes. Start slow and make sure you are sawing flush to the token. You will get the hang of it quickly, and they will be be cut off in no time. Have a bin or something to put the planes in seperate from the token and dust. I did all 15 of my tokens in one go within an hour or two once I got the method down.

Clean up the flash and dust. Soak the planes and then use an old toothbrush to get most of it off. Anything tougher can be removed with a knife.
You can get clear bases that allow for a mini die to be put on them from Here and some clear rod to match the other flier stands. Drill the bases and cut the rods to whatever size you want.

I am happy that it is all coming out in such a uniform fashion. I feel the flier tokens were just too out of place in a miniatures game. One thing that is a little irksome about this is that the fliers on the aircraft carrier are about 20% larger than the token fliers. There is no easy way to correct this short of cutting the aircraft fliers off the base, so I just let it go. Now that all the hrd stuff is complete, I hope to have this army done soon!