Hello ladies and germs!

Back from an exciting weekend, of slaughter, laughter and just plain fun! First and foremost I want to send a thank you to Mike Brent for making all this possible! I did not manage to take any pictures because it is just to difficult to do with so much going on and a limited time.

Game one I played against a Space Wolf and Space Marine list, it was pretty much on bike squad sitting at 1385! Talk about a death star, but with the mass anti-infantry I made quick work of this list.

Game two, I played against none other than Tony Kopach! This game was very close, he had mass infantry on the table with Wolves and Guard. I was working these guys in, but at the end he just got too close and my army could not take anymore beating.  It was a very close game and I am pretty sure I had him worried for a little bit!

Game three, was against a Space Marine and Guard list, lots of auto cannons on the table turn one and he went first.  I knew this was going to be a tough game, but with proper deployment I made him come to me and still had maximum firepower left.  It was a struggle but I managed to hold him back and take an solid victory!  The best moment of the tournament was in this game, I intercepted a Vendetta, and wrecked it causing it to fly into a predator blowing that one up as well! Fire Dragon Exarch for the win!

Game four was against another Space Wolf player, he had long fangs with Njal and a 5 man Grey Hunter pack and 3 Thunderwolves on the table, with Grimnar and 3 squads in drop pods.  This game was a prime example of what a strong Alpha strike can truly do, I went first and after my shooting phase all he had left on the table was Njal, a Long Fang and a Thunderwolf! It was a quick mop up of objectives quaters and the rest of his army to ensure a PERFECT GAME!

Game five, the first game in the finals, I made it to the 3-1 bracket. I get paired up against Daemons, I have never personally played against Daemons before, but I did not let that show!  This was a back and forth game, all the way to Turn 7! At the end of Turn 7 my war walker killed the final Plague Bearer to let the guardian claim the final objective!

Game six, Grey Knights and Guard, another foot guard list with grey knights in razorbacks with Heavy Psy-bolters.  I did what I didn't do against Kopach and was doing very well keeping him out of my deployment zone and killing units one at a time. But after only getting 8 hours of sleep in 48 hours it finally caught up to me.  It was bottom of four, but I thought it was Top of five, and well made all the moves I should have to try and hold the win, but it wasn't and he killed off my Farseer and secured the win by 39 Victory Points!

With that last loss, it knocked me out of the finals, so all and all I went 4-2, I did what I wanted to. Have a winning record, and hey I was the closest Dark Eldar to the top table!

I will have some thoughts later on the road, but just read my games and ask me questions!