While I like the general look and feel of the Stormraven, I kind of hate the look of the turret and hot-rod style ramscoop on the back.  Why does it need a servitor? A Land Raider doesn't need a servitor to fire an extra weapon.  The Machine Spirit is strong without flesh!  I decided to modify the look of the back on the Stormraven that I'm painting up for my Death Company, named "Deliverance of Wrath."

Here's my redesign of the turret:

Stormraven custom turret

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I used the bottom of the included turret and chopped off everything sticking up except the very front.  Then it was just a simple matter of laying the cannons on their side.  The center is a trimmed-down piece from the center console of a Drop Pod with a Scout shoulder pad on top.  Simple conversion, and I think it looks really good.  Off to the left, you can see where I replaced the ram scoop with plasticard.

For Holy Terra - Because space is scary