Stormraven 'Deliverance of Wrath'

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Still a work in progress as I've got a few lenses and the Bloodstrike missiles to paint up, but looking pretty good.  This was my second, half-finished Stormraven decked out in red, but since I was playing around with the idea of a two-Raven list and some Death Company, I figured I'd get it painted up.  The freehand on the wing is supposed to be Sanguinius.  I used one of the DC shoulder pads as a guide.

The Hurricane Bolters are magnetized, and the turret is obviously able to come off.  The only problem I have with the design of the Stormraven as a gaming model is the near-impossibility of removing the nose gun.  I've actually magnetized one before, but you're left with two tiny gun barrels that will wander off and be forever lost the first time you look away.  Also, if you build the thing stock, the turret isn't coming off, either.  Magnetizing the sponsons means covering up the interior, and the missiles are molded into the design.  So all-in-all, the Stormraven kit is designed to never lose weapons in battle.  I guess that's confidence, right?

I need to write fluff for both of my Stormravens.  I've got names: this one is 'Deliverance of Wrath' (fitting for a DC transport), and the other one is 'Token of Faith'.

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