I was given a Tyranid army to get them painted, everything looked pretty easy, and boringly plastic, until I get to the Magical Bag of Surprises!
Evolution of  the Gant (and thest scheme for the customer)
I actually found the missing link there was one metal gant that... I'l just show it

You can probably imagine my surprise after I put together some plastic to find a few of these among the commission.
If I'm correct these are from rouge trader era

and these are from 2nd ed, maybe?

It's always nice to find things that are older than you (being 22 it's quite easy tough)
But I think these will get a little nostalgia with most of  the old veterans as well.

Needless to say that I'm extreamly looking forward to this project. The best part ? these guys take up the majority of the horde, so expect an old school horde at the end of this tunnel.