Hi guys,

thanks for your feedback.
So it looks as if the PONOS and AKTROS would be worth getting produced.
Still details to be settled, but I'm sure we'll get that squared away and I can start building the new masters for both models.

In the meantime I started with the new project "Tomb Raider". 
As mentioned it will be in a dark, hidden, old temple in a jungle, involving some flashlights, muzzle flashes and Tyranids.
For the temple I used the broken cast of a madonna I had at home.
Of course I had to modify it to make it more 40K-ish, but some Inquisition ][, a tear and an eye patch did the trick :)

I casted a lot of bricks and floor tiles using my Hirst Arts molds and Stewalin. 

While setting things up I decided to finally use the dead Spacie from Space Hulk as a central piece of the temple.
I think this will work nicely :)

And to make it more jungle like, I strated to sculpt some first vines. 
I will see how these work out on the temple wall and then decide if I do more.

Since I had a lot of left-over material I also decided to take a quick dive into base building.
So I created a set of 23 temple based bases.
10 Terminator size, 10 trooper size and 3 HW size:

Some closer shots


And here are the first cast results:

On these first cast is still some residue, but I'm quite happy with them :)

Well, that's all for today.
THank you for your time reading and I hope you enjoyed todays update. I look forward to your replies and feedback.