Bit of an ask now folks but who is good with rogue trader era fluff?
I have found an image I remember seeing some time ago and was wondering if anyone can identify the chapter of the marine labelled "field police" in this image below or is it like a remember a specific badge for field police and they have no chapter as such in the old RT fluff:
I dont remember a chapter in the old RT era with that symbol so I was working on the theory they are like DW ie they are a mix from all chapters and use that symbol as thier badge.
I am looking for an excuse to paint some to accompany my inquisitor. Thinking about how to incorperate them in to a force and the other way I might get round it is do them all like that and then just pick out a chapter symbol on their knee pads. its an old odd bit of fluff but I like the idea that on campaigns a small number of marines get seconded to the police to assist with control etc.
Any info on the badge or thoughts on the idea would be great.