Yes, this is my model
So... yeah 2 months since my last post!

How did that happen?

Well working nights, house keeping, and a bit of Blood Bowl!

Still trying to figure out how to get to grips with 6th Ed 40k, but only used a few "serious" lists of late and mainly used gimmicky/fluffy lists so far. Games that I remember so far are:

Opening Day of 6th:
Deathwing vs Necrons (L)
Deathwing vs Blood Angels (W)

IG/SW vs Dark Eldar (D)
SW vs Orks (W)
BA vs Nids (L)

SW/IG (friends IG) vs Orks/Dark Eldar (W)
Deathwing vs New Chaos Marines (W)

Swear I have played a few more but I really can't remember.

So far I would say only my Wolves have been seriously kicking ass, with the fluffy Ultramarine's 1st company (Deathwing) being second- mainly due to the massive boost terminators have had.

Also been tinkering with 2 lots of the Dark Angels from the starter set. Converted the Terminators to join the Ultramarines and keeping the rest to join the Paladins of Steel (universal Marine) army I'm doing. Also got some reinforcements for my IG but as much I would like to use them for Blog Wars 4 they will take the longest to build and paint.

So for Blog Wars I'm looking at IG or Deathwing (easy cop-out army), though to my credit (I think) I have used a different army and codex for every Blog Wars so far so I might continue down that route.

We shall see.