Today's post is to examine adding interest to your 40k vehicles. I'm mostly going to talk about Imperial Guard vehicles here, because this is an army where you will see a large number of vehicles. However, equally these ideas could be applied to other armies.

When you have organised ranks of the same tank in an army, as will commonly be the case in a Guard army, it is often difficult to differentiate between individual vehicles. The easiest method is probably to use decals and number each tank, but when I put together my Savlar Chem Dogs army I chose to go a step further. As I had several Chimerae in the army, I wanted to make each stand out. My solution was to add crew and passengers to each vehicle.

The first tank was to be a command vehicle, and so I chose to mark this with a crewman and passenger. As the Savlar are a disorganised bunch, I envisaged their command tanks as being modified for purpose. In this case, the crew languish at the open passenger hatch, which has been removed completely, and a tank commander looks out of the open top hatch.

The passengers were converted from some old GW tank riders, which are now out of print but come up on Ebay fairly regularly. I removed their heads and added respirator heads from Pig Iron. My original idea was to have even more men hanging on to the vehicle, but once I had assembled it this far I decided that I had done enough. Note that the passngers are pinned into place, as they are metal models.

The second tank is a standard Chimera transport. I added two passengers to the roof, both in action. One man aims his rifle in to take down an enemy he has just spottedl the other hangs on the roof as the vehicle moves off.

Both models are converted Cadians, with parts from the FW renegade militia sets and Pig Iron heads.

Other minor additions to both vehicles included stowage, decals with division and vehicle numbers, and also unit badges.