It's been ages since the last of these banal and stupid posts. Therefore, it's now time for another one. And this time, I'm experimenting with fusion and mixture, because I can. I add my sheep to your sheep, now we have more sheep. Now I'm just making no sense. Wonderful. Blame Foundations of Private Law. Which technically Bryss doesn't know about, as he's a seperate identity to the Secret & Infamous Identity of Master Bryss, also known as True Bryss. Before I lose it utterly, a jump break, then some lovely pictures.

I took two shots of the Daemon Prince from before. because I couldn't decide what angle I wanted. This is Option Two. It's not a fusion, but the next three are!

This is a combination of the old Archon model I use as Vect and the Black Ark Corsair who became my Sliscus. Amusingly, the combination of the two vaguely resembles the old-school Stock Fantasy Elf Pose. You know, the one with the staff and sword. It's clearer in the next one.

See? Staff and sword. I feel utterly drained for some reason. It's not a good feeling. But how can I be drained if I've done naff all during the day? Why am I even still writing?

Good grief, this post is fast turning into the Dear Diary entry of a young girl. Anyway, I added the Talos (old) to this one for no apparent reason. I'm not entirely sure if I actually added anything to the image by doing so.

Oh, backlog update: I've now built all the main Fiend components and think I'll review the kit sometime soon in the old Bryssometer style I haven't used in about a year. Therefore, the only thing left to do in the Magnet Fiend project is add the actual magnets. Which doubtless means I need to go find the big electric drill again.

Signing off...